September 18-24, 2016 is Deaf Dog Awareness Week

September, 2016

It is Deaf Dog Awareness Week! Here are some interesting facts you might not know about deaf dogs.

1. The most common breed of dogs to be deaf are Australian shepherds, Boston terriers, Cocker Spaniels, Dalmatians, German shepherds, Boxers, Jack Russell terriers, Malteses, toy and miniature poodles, and West Highland white terriers.

2. Deaf dogs can bark. They may not use barking as a standard form of communication like other dogs do but they act through instinct. If they want to bark, they will bark!

3. Many deaf dogs are white. Dogs born without pigment are also missing "hearing cells". These “hearing” cells start from the same stem cells as pigment-producing cells. If a dog has no pigment in its body, it's likely that it will also be deficient in the specialised “hearing” cells which cause deafness.

4. Deaf dogs ARE trainable. Just like other dogs, deaf dogs learn hand commands and tricks. While they will never have the same recall skills as a hearing dog, they are just as trainable and obedient.

5. Deaf dogs are no less intelligent than any other dog. They are just as smart, funny and charming!