Health Care Services

Internal Medicine

When your pet is sick, you want and expect the best care possible. The medical staff at Harden Ranch Veterinary Hospital provides outstanding medical care for your pet in a compassionate and loving environment. The entire staff is committed to medical excellence. We pride ourselves on open communication with all of our clients.

Harden Ranch Veterinary Hospital is a full-service animal hospital and wellness center. Whether your pet is a playful puppy or a cat entering the golden years, he or she receives world-class care. In order to diagnose your pet’s medical condition, we use the most innovative and advanced medical instruments, tools and equipment. We use the latest technology, including ultrasound and endoscopy, to provide your pet with the highest standard of care possible.

We cover all areas of internal medicine including cardiology, ophthalmology, neurology, dermatology, gastroenterology, oncology, endocrinology and others.

Blood Transfusions

We maintain a small supply of blood for cats and dogs in case of emergency. The blood is obtained from the Animal Blood Bank in Dixon, California, or is sometimes collected from the personal pets of hospital employees. All blood is carefully pre-screened and thoroughly evaluated for disease before use.


If your pet becomes ill, we are ready to provide basic or advanced inpatient hospitalization services. Our state-of-the-art facility has heated cages, oxygen delivery systems, patient monitoring systems and IV fluid delivery systems. Patients are watched closely by our skilled veterinary nursing staff and cared for by one of our attending veterinarians.

Veterinary Acupuncture Services

As part of Harden Ranch Veterinary Hospital’s commitment to providing a comprehensive array of services for your pet, we are pleased to offer veterinary acupuncture services.

In addition to her veterinary education at U.C. Davis, Dr. Aysha Taff has extensive specialized training in traditional Chinese Veterinary medicine. She is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the animals she works with.

If your pet is dealing with the pain of arthritis or other degenerative neurologic conditions, consider acupuncture as part of an integrated approach to your pet’s health care plan.

Acupuncture can also be an effective part of an ongoing wellness plan for pets of any age – it’s not just for seniors…

Please let us know if you’d like to explore this treatment option for your pet.

Skin Care & Allergy Testing

At HRVH, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to successfully diagnose and manage skin disease.

Skin disorders are one of the primary ailments we treat in pets. These disorders may be the result of an infection or hormonal, allergic, or parasitic conditions.

Untreated skin conditions in pets can cause long-term suffering and lead to other serious health problems. We offer dermatologic diagnostic tests, including skin scrapes, tape cytology, biopsy, allergy testing, and fungal and bacterial skin cultures.

In addition, our veterinarians work with veterinary dermatologists to determine the most effective treatment options for suffering pets.

We’ll take the time to explain your pet’s condition, how to prevent future occurrences, and the proper method of home treatment.


The diagnosis of cancer is stressful for pet owners, and the prospect of chemotherapy treatments can be equally as difficult. However, the fear that your beloved pet will spend his or her final days sick from chemotherapy treatments is unwarranted. Pets respond much differently to chemotherapy than do humans.

We treat pets with many types of cancer that can involve surgical removal of tumors as well as palliative amputations. We may refer you and your pet to a Board Certified Oncologist for treatments. We provide follow up blood work, exams, palliative therapy to alleviate pain, and supportive therapy to eliminate or minimize side effects.


Animals suffer many eye diseases that can also affect humans. Advances in both human and veterinary medicine have increased the ability to both diagnose and treat many of these diseases.

We treat eye conditions such as corneal ulcers, lacerations, dry eye, glaucoma, and cherry eye.

Behavioral Medicine

Illness doesn’t always have a physical cause. Our veterinarians are trained in animal behavior. We can help determine the cause of such disorders as separation anxiety and obsessive behavior, and then develop a treatment regimen for your pet.

On-Site Pharmacy

Harden Ranch Veterinary Hospital offers an extensive selection of veterinary medicines, including those for treating heart disease, intestinal problems, skin disorders, and arthritis. We carry a variety of flea control products, heartworm preventatives, shampoos and ear cleansers. We also stock a wide variety of prescription foods designed to support good health and treat numerous medical conditions such as kidney failure, heart disease, and food allergies.

We’re also happy to provide home or office delivery of your pet’s prescriptions. Call for details.

Pick-up & Delivery

Is transportation an issue? We can help! We are pleased to provide pick-up and delivery services for your pet at a nominal fee according to distance traveled. Within three miles of HRVH is complimentary!

For more information, click here.

House Calls

We are happy to come to your home if you are unable to bring your pet to the hospital.

Boarding Services

The next best place to home!

Cats and dogs love staying at Harden Ranch Veterinary Hospital! We provide food, bowls, comfortable bedding, toys, cuddles and fun.

Our canine boarding guests can also add “Tender Loving Care” or “Stay ‘N Swim Club” packages… even Spa services!

And be sure to ask about our luxury canine suites — climate-controlled, custom-decorated, TV for your dog, and an online webcam so you’ll have peace of mind.

For details on rates, requirements, and reservations for our boarding facilities, click here.

Grooming Services

Every pet deserves a pampering “Spa” visit!

Shampoo – color – cut – style? Nail trim? These services and many more are available for your pet. Choose from a variety of packages or create your own package. Your pet will not only look and feel great, but smell great, too!

To learn more about our Grooming Services, please click here.

Canine Swim Program

Whether it’s needing to lose weight or increase activity… improve strength or mobility… recovery from recent surgery… your dog may benefit from participation in our canine swim program. Assisted by Motiv K9’s Becky Lewis, in our on-site heated swimming pool, dogs move within a weightless environment, minimizing stress on joints and muscles and improving range of motion and endurance. For more information about services provided by Motiv K9, click here.

Vet-Stem Regenerative Cell Therapy

The possibilities with this new technology are exciting… Using stem cells processed from your pet’s fat, a concentration of stem cells is developed and injected into an afflicted area. Possible applications are to reduce pain or inflammation, improve quality of life and range of motion, or regenerate tendons, ligaments, or joint tissue. Discuss Vet-Stem with us to determine if your pet is a candidate. For more about the Vet-Stem protocol, click here.