Are you and your pet prepared for an EARTHQUAKE?

October, 2015

Make a Pet Earthquake Kit

You love your pets – and you take good care of them.

Your furry, or slimy, or scaly, or feathered friends are counting on you to provide for them when an earthquake strikes.  Most of the items you need to make a pet earthquake kit are things you already have in your home.

Simply collect them in a safe place so you can find them easily after an earthquake.

A pet carrier and vaccination records are essential if you find you and/or your pet must go to an emergency shelter.  Only pets with valid vaccination records are accepted in shelters.


•Bag to keep pet supplies in

•Leash or pet restraint

•Food for three days for your pet

•Water for three days for your pet

•Copy of vaccination records

•Treats for calming and behavior modification

•Pet carrier

Optional items:

•A pet toy


•A chew toy

•Pet booties or shoes to protect feet (dogs)

•Collapsible food and water bowls

•Muzzle or harness as needed.